Recent Competitions

Projected Image Competition No 1 'Open'

Projected Image competition No 1 'Open' was held on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 and attracted an entry of over 45 Projected Images. The competition held on 'Zoom' was judged by Julie from Reflex camera club, our thanks go to her for a very enjoyable evening and some very constructive advice.









Projected Image Winners

1st        Strolling Through the Hills                            Trevor Toms

2nd      Coniston Water                                                 Derek Britton LRPS

3rd       Fungi                                                                    Wendy Lockyer





 Highly Commended



  Tintern Abbey                                                            Ed Shorney


 Wernddu Farm                                                            Ian Boulton 


A Bit of Rough                                                            Trevor Toms


Sandy Bay Sunset                                                        Phillip Powell





Strolling Through the Hills





Coniston Water














Tintern Abbey





Wernddu Farm






A Bit of Rough






Sandy Bay Sunset

































































































Recent Competitions

Print and Projected Image Competition No 3 'Monochrome'

Our first internet conferencing competition with Bob Ryan. This year our Print and Projected Image competition was condensed to projected image only and was held on Tuesday 28th April 2020 across the internet. It attracted an entry of over 80 Images and was judged by Bob Ryan who is in isolation on the Isle of Skye

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Projected Image competition No 2 'Open' took place at the club on Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Projected Image Competition No 2 took place on Zoom on the 23rd March and was judged by Mike  Dales, we thank him for a very interesting and informative evening.

There was a very good entry tonight of over 40 projected images.








Projected Image Winners



1st Waiting for Company                    Philip Powell


2nd  Cornflower                                    Helen Sheppard ARPS


3rd  Shield Bug                                       Ian Boulton LRPS



Highly Commended



Avalon Rising from the Mist                Ian Miller


Kitesurfer                                                Dave Britton


Masked MacDonalds                            Robin Chum






A Pair of Common Blues                        Helen Sheppard ARPS


Cabot Circus                                            Ian Boulton LRPS


Morning Stretch                                        Ed Shorney








Waiting for Company












Shield Bug






Avalon Rising from the Mist












Masked MacDonalds






A Pair of Common Blues






Cabot Circus








Morning Stretch