Print and Projected Image competition No 2 'Open' took place at the club on Tuesday 10th March 2020

Print and Projected Image Competition No 2 took place at the club on the 10th March and was judged by Peter Otley. We are very pleased to have Peter  judging for us again and our thanks go to him for a very interesting and informative evening.

There was a very good entry tonight, over 40 projected images and 40 prints.


Print Winners   




1st    Early Morning Light in the Lakes        Wendy Lockyer

2nd  Stormy Sea.                                            Ian Miller

3rd   Hydrangea                                              Wendy Lockyer



Highly Commended


Time to Reflect                                              Mike Ogborne


Vintage Look Blueberries                            Wendy Lockyer


Emperor Dragonfly                                      Helen Sheppard ARPS  






Alone in the Cold                                         Adrian Davies


Reflective Day                                             Trevor Toms


Winter Sundown                                         Adrian Davies                        












Early Morning Light in the Lakes






















 Vintage Look Blueberries











Emperor Dragonfly 





































Projected Image Winners



1st  Autumn Road                                         Trevor Toms


2nd  Point of Contact                                   Adrian Davies


3rd  Bathhurst Basin, Bristol                       Ed Shorney



Highly Commended



Clock Tower Sunrise                                    Phil Powell


Waterfall                                                       Vilma Clinham - Toms


Shed Curves                                                Chris Bigg







Dunlin at Dusk                                              Malcolm Rea


Balloons                                                         Phil Powell 












Autumn Road










Point of Contact









 Bathhurst Basin, Bristol











Clock Tower Sunrise




















Shed Curves







 Dunlin at Dusk