This years Annual Print competition and Annual Projected Image of the Year competition took place at the club on Tuesday 3rd December 2019. Entry is restricted to images and prints that have been 'placed' in our monthly competitions throughout the year.


More than  50 prints and 50 digital images were considered by our judge Peter Weaver. We would like to thank him for a great evening and the kind words regarding the standard of our entries. 



Our thanks go to Peter who judged our competition and gave us a very informatitive and entertaining evening.


Many congratulations to Trevor for his 1st  place in the print competition and to Phil for his 1st place in the digital image competition.



Winner of 'The Annual Print Competition'  :- Trevor Cooper



Winner of 'The Annual Projected Image Competition' :- Phil Powell






 Winning Prints and Images:-



1st          Lakeside View               Trevor Cooper


2nd         Natalie                          Trevor Toms


3rd.         Loch Leven                   David Gregory



Highly Commended




Black Rock Cottage                     Dave Gregory


Saunton Sands                            Ed Shorney







Red Eye Tree Frog                     Vilma Clingham-Toms


Liverpool Pier Head                  Derek Britton       LRPS


Love is in the Air                        Malcolm Rea  


Skippy Do Da                             Malcolm Rea              










Lakeside View















Loch Leven 










Red Eyed Tree Frog









Liverpool Pier Head








 Love is in the Air
































































Winning  Projected Digital Images


1st    Scooting                                                          Phil Powell


2nd   Backstreet Havana                                        Andrew Luff                                                          


3rd   Mice on Wheat                                                Vilma Clingham-Toms                                                  



Highly Commended



The Wye Valley at Tintern                                      Ed Shorney                                                                                                                

Steam Power                                                            Ed Shorney


Windsurfer                                                                Phil Powell






Bridge Reflections                                                 Phil Powell


Hiding in the Tulip                                                 Vilma Clingham-Toms


Enjoying the View                                                   Ian Miller


Lesson for the Day                                                 Andrew Luff








Mice on Wheat








Steam Power 
















Enjoying the View