Downend Camera Club has many competitions throughout the year, for prints, projected images and audio visual presentations and each year awards are presented to the winners.


The following awards were presented to members for their outstanding work throughout 2018. Congratulations to the following members:-


Monthly Print Competition                                                                           Trevor Toms


Monthly Projected Image Competition                                                       Dave Britton


Print of the Year                                                                                               Trevor Toms


Digital Image of the Year                                                                                Alan Thunhurst


Arthur Shattock Trophy for Humorous Print of the Year                          Alan Brimson


Lew Humphries Trophy for Humorous Digital Image of the Year           Mike Ogborne


Monochrome DPI Competition                                                                     Dave Britton


Monochrome Print Competition                                                                   Trevor Toms


Three of a Kind Competition                                                                          Dave Gregory


Folio Competition                                                                                              Vilma Clingham-Toms


Car Competition                                                                                                Wendy Lockyer


 John Urev A/V Trophy                                                                                      Ed Shorney