Competition No 3 'Monochrome' was held on 30th April and judged by Ralph Snook. Our thanks got to him for all his helpful comments suggestions, a great evening. 


There was an entry of well over 40 prints and in first place was Alan Thunhurst  with his print   'West Wales Storm'


There was a similar number of digital images and first place went to Ed Shorney with his image 'Steam Power'



Winning Prints



1st     West Wales Storm           Alan Thunhurst


2nd.  Natalie                                Trevor Toms


3rd    Old Rope                            Vilma Clingham - Toms



 Highly Commended



SS Great Britain                            Trevor Toms






West Wales Storm












Old Rope






SS Great Britain








Winning Digital Images


1st             Steam Power                                Ed Shorney


2nd.          Owl                                                 Trevor Toms


3rd.         Windsurfer                                        Philip Powell




Highly Commended



Fisherman's Quay                Ed Shorney


Enjoying The View.            Ian Miller











Steam Power























Fisherman's Quay








Enjoying the View